Nintendo Developing Advanced Defense Equipment @ Japan Ministry of Defense



Toshiba’s preferred bidder for the sale of Toshiba Memory is part of a Japan-U.S.-South Korea consortium, made up of the Innovation Network Corporation of Japan (INCJ), the Development Bank of Japan, Bain Capital, SK Hynix, and others. And the development details are under strict control by the MOD. The deal is at an impasse because the core entity of the consortium (in which case I believe to be Nintendo) has set the resolution of the dispute with Western Digital as a precondition for participation. It would make sense that Nintendo would want their suppliers Toshiba and Toshiba partner Western Digital to stop the war, because the Nintendo Switch is in desperate need of NAND and after already failing to meet demand thanks to competition buying all resources for transport Nintendo would want to buy the chip to ensure Switch success.


Western Digital has filed documents in order to block Toshiba from possibly selling. Makes sense that Nintendo would make that request from WD to GTfO, because if Toshiba can’t sell, and is in such bad shape from losing all that money in America, if Toshiba fails and is delisted from stock exchange people counting on that technology for existing contracts like Switch, will suffer. Toshiba has a strong preference for keeping the unit in Japan. Another important issue favoring the consortium is concern about sensitive technology “leaking”.



The fact Nintendo has been working with Japan Government for 4 years and we don’t know anything is likely due to the strict regulation over the material. Especially when it comes to dual use technology as Nintendo has already expressed has been huge priority from the gate.



Regarding the selection of target defense equipment in R&D, Japan finds It is necessary to consider trends in defense technology, such as smart technology, networking, and unmanned operations, and select the defense equipment for which technological bases should be developed and enhanced. Shinzo Abe published a formulated R&D vision, shared medium to long-term R&D plan with raised predictability for companies, promoted stable and efficient facility investment and personnel distributions and to realize more effective and efficient R&D based on the R&D. The Ministry of Defense have developed ability to survey technological information including civilian advanced technology under circumstances in which the difference between defense technology and civilian technology is getting smarter, in order to achieve effective and efficient defense equipment, it is necessary to appropriately introduce from the outside civilian advanced technology (potential new products) which can be applicable to defense technology.



To promote utilization of dual-use technology and nurture research in companies for advanced defense equipment, MOD will expand its survey area of civilian advanced technology, improve its ability to survey technological information, and formulate and publish a medium- to long-term strategy on technology. Strengthen cooperation with universities and research institutes. Some of Japan’s universities and research institutes have internationally prominent research environments. Cooperation with and utilizing R&D programs including those that cover dual-use technology In order to promote utilization of dual-use technology efficiently, in line with strengthening cooperation with universities and research institutes, it is necessary to utilize specific R&D programs led by the government.

Nintendo likely developing advanced defense equipment.



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