Nintendo’s Kirby Stars In Toyota’s 2019 AYGO Commercial, Twice! [VIDEO]

Shot in Barcelona in Spring 2017, this production company flew in UK bubble specialists Bubble Inc in to create the bubbles for the 2017 Toyota Aygo TV commercial. The premise was that their funky little car was zipping about the city’s streets creating bubbles from it’s undercarriage!The client decided to control some of these bubbles, so a percentage were CGI’d leaving Bubble Inc to create the rest.

Kirvy Stars

Kirby Stars Toyota


Returning to to the scene of the set afterwards reveals the art work has been removed since, or was purposely inducted originally via CGI by the client.


On Jan 29 2018, It’s worth noting that the first third-party messaging app to work with CarPlay coming to 2019 Toyota AYGO is WhatsApp, the functionality is pretty limited, but it opens the door for more services. Perhaps something like Nintendo’s Switch App? WhatsApps’ Product Designer Charlie Deets has published his own hands on impressions of the Nintendo Switch UI HERE


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