[NEW] Two Legend Of Zelda Titles Are In The Cut Second Party Jumping Out Grezzo

Back in early January there was a rumor that a new Legend of Zelda game was in development for the Nintendo 3DS from Grezzo. It was meant to be a Link’s Awakening reimagining with BOTW concepts. Grezzo is best known for their Nintendo 2nd party development modernizing The Legend Of Zelda franchises greatest hits implementing autostereoscopic 3D presentation. It’s Today, @Reddit, Nate869621 posted the following:

The game was suppose[d] to come out this year, but due to the focus on BotW and the DLC it was delayed to next year to change the gameplay to a more ‘open’ approach.
The game is being developed by Grezzo, the guys behind A Link Between Worlds

[Editor’s Note: Grezzo did not develop ALBW] and Tri-force Heroes. (They release a Zelda game every 2nd year)

It will be inspired heavily by Link’s Awakening, maany will consider it a remake but it will also be inspired by Bo[t]W and past games.
There will be a N2DS bundle.
Release is around Q2. Possibly early Q3.
The game will be revealed very soon

Marcus Sellars


Many fans would be happier with a sequel to Link’s Awakening similar to what A Link Between Worlds was to A Link to the Past. That said, most would certainly welcome a remake.


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