[NEW] Nico Augusto’s Gorgeous “Seasons of Heaven” Was NOT Canceled [SWITCH GAMEPLAY DETAILS]

Seasons of Heaven

Seasons of Heaven is a media franchise composed of the French novel and the upcoming titular video game. Seasons of Heaven is about a post-apocalyptic world, which has undergone some dramatic events. Thankfully, there are some survivors. The game will focus on Yann, a telepathic boy with Asperger’s Syndrome, and his French bulldog, Ani. His parents, Elise and Tim, are part of a larger group of survivors, including James and Sarah, their son Thomas, and two other children called Nina and Ana.

Seasons of Heaven

Information about Seasons of Heaven has been floating around since December 2016. It’s a new game from French indie studio AnyArts Production, not much has released despite the excitement surrounding the story of Seasons as is top most reason keeping the fantastical and visually stunning IP on your radar. Seasons is developed using Epic Games Unreal Engine 4. Not much is known of goal of the experience other than to navigate a land devastated by the collapse of society playing as Both Yann and Ani in a deep exploration of the world.


Seasons of Heaven

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Nico Augusto, the Creative Director and Writer at Developer Any Arts Production joins SuperMetalDave to discuss the beginnings of the game and what progress it has made since it’s first announcement (BELOW)

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