[NEW] Phantasy Star Online 2 Gets Nintendo Switch JPN Release Date [FOOTAGE/DETAILS]

The game was noted heading for Switch September of last year by Sega, and now a confirmed release date scheduled for April 4, 2018 (Japan only so far) spotted within yesterday’s unique Japanese version of Nintendo’s digital broadcast.

Phantasy Star Online 2

The Nintendo Switch version of Sonic Team’s glorified MMO software is alternatively titled “Phantasy Star Online 2: Cloud”, and will include exclusive equipment/costumes from Nintendo series with Legend of Zelda Breath of Wild being first IP to callaborate assets, as all witnessed inside yesterday’s ND reveal overseas. A clip embedded below:

As the new name Switch introduced to the franchise implies, the underlying operating data of PSO2C is processed via the cloud rather than locally using Nintendo Switch internal components. The NS hardware merely displays the video source feed which conveniently locked at a 30FPS cap from the server, and transmits the player’s input data back to the cloud accordingly. Phantasy Star Online 2 Cloud is traditionally F2P, offering additional micro-transaction purchases expanding play throughout. PSO2C on Switch will also feature cross-platform play compatibility among Sega’s proprietary servers holding entirety of PSO2’s largest install base gaming the MMO in PC community. Additionally, Nintendo Switch users are made possible to share their saved play data between the 2 platforms following successful linkage of Sega’s integrated network IDs registered to the concerned online profiles, useful considering platform specific item drop lists and the transfer of otherwise unobtainable rare inventory.

Fans overseas outside Japan spread across Europe and North America alike have been clamoring to experience this software since it’s Eastern development was announced in 2009, whom still to this day eagerly await publishling saviors to notify growing Nintendo audience of much needed Western localization plans and regrettably no indications of such developments yet appearing resulting in zero opportunity to purchase or download PSO2C with English translations included in foreseeablee future anywhere in the West. Die hard fans will likely ’import’ foreign Japanese downloads of the new PSO game on the Switch, since Nintendo Network can grant service to any internet connection through their online management system we would have to assume it’s possible Sega PSO network infrastructure allows foreign IP addressed Switch users to connect to the servers which under the Japanese PC workload is possible.




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