Retro Studios’ Secret Project Is “Story Heavy” And Likely A New Nintendo IP [DETAILS]

The popular employment-oriented social networking service LinkedIn has provided clues through a profile listing of Retro Studios talent that illustrates one of the writers at Retro Studios (previously a manager) had updated their Resume with the following detail:

Working with a highly skilled team to bridge the gaps between game design needs and telling a compelling story in a meaningful world. Finding the best ways to construct the narrative we want the player to experience with the tools and restrictions available through text, dialogue, and non-traditional storytelling.

* Key team member for collaborative worldbuilding, story construction, and IP development.
* Point of contact for supplemental prose writing.
* Special focus on designer collaboration for player experience storytelling.

Narrative specializations in worldbuilding, character development, design integration, non-linear storytelling, prose fiction

 “Narrative Specializations in World Building, and Non-Linear Storytelling in a compelling world” This could be interpreted that the team isn’t working on the next iteration of Donkey Kong, and we know they are not involved with Metroid Prime 4, so this sounds like Nintendo of Japan is giving its only western development house Retro Studios the  opportunity to make some noise with something rather compelling and new, as illustrated by the aforementioned listing above.

Retro Studios

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