NEW: Diablo 3 Eternal Collection’s Performance & Nintendo Exclusive Assets [ALL DETAILS]

Diablo III will run at 60 fps “across the board” and have a 720p resolution when in handheld mode (and 960p when docked).

Diablo III includes the original release version of the MMORPG, Reaper of Souls expansion, Rise of Necromancer pack, all updated materials including the themed seasons. Nintendo’s new online services for Switch will play large role in the softwares debut on the Nintendo Switch system making use of cloud storage allowing easy access for players to log into their game via 3rd party Switch consoles. Offline functionality is possible having the latest data states uploaded to profiles as it logs online throughout.

Nintendo Switch bringing Nintendo IP related content exclusively to this version of Blizzards release featuring plethora of Legend of Zelda themed armor sets based around Ganon. Tri Force portrait frames and cosmetics also are included. Players can make pets out of Zelda’s Coo Coos.

The game will make full use of Switch’s varying range of control options and allow 4 player Co Op gameplay as well.


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