[NEW] The Next Zelda COMING SOONER Than Ever Imagined! [DETAILS]

Since the Legend of Zelda series has utilized a 3D engine development cycles between publishing software have increased. OOT is the first 3D Zelda. Came out late 1998, MM came out early 2000, 1.5 years after OOT. WW came out late 2002. 2.5 years after MM. TP came out late 2006. 4 years after WW. SS came out late 2011. 5 years after TP. BoTW came out early 2017. 5.5 years after SS. The gap widens with each 3D release.

During a GI Podcast content editor Imran Khan eluded to details privy to the IP launch schedule [Transcripts embedded see below]

I was just thinking what I should say about that. The next Zelda will probably be sooner than we think… I will talk to you guys off camera about stuff.”

“Maybe the next Zelda game in this case could be like a small scale co-op game like Triforce Heroes, built by the same development team?”

To which Khan’s response:

Not exactly.”


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