NEW: Sony Marvel Universe VENOM 2018 First Official Footage [TEASER]


I thought Spider-Man went back to Marvel after Sony contract ended hence the name “Homecoming“, now Sony created their own “Marvel Universe“ not even associated at all with Marvel/Disney “Marvel Cinematic Universe” competing aggressive as fuck and making a Venom movie?! Wt fucking fuck. Starring Bane from DC Batman too? Damn. And they filming Black Cat movie? And Silver Sable Movie? This is fucking crazy. Spider-Man isnt apart of Marvel Cinematic Universe…. wtf. BS! Well, I thInk for sure Peter Parker won’t be in the film. Look at Tom Hardy playing Eddie Brock, old af, no way they are going to retreat the scene back to Midtown High School with Brock playing football like the last 3 Spider Man from Sony, or to college like the Marvel Spider-Man Topher Grace trilogy, this is much much further, I wouldn’t be surprised if Venom has left Midtown Manhattan altogether. I’m thinking this movie takes place after Peter Parker is married to Mary Watson when Eddie Brock became vigilante antihero but was separated from the Symbiote and imprisoned onRykers Island. and Venom came back for Eddie and got him out I think that’s exactly where this movie starts somewhere around there. That’s when Venom first makes Cletus Kasady into Carnage on the side, it’s smartest time to illustrate, that’s when Eddie Brock broken out jail, and his wife kills herself and he goes into that deep depression and gives up on vendetta again against Spider Man for her love, and that’s why Peter Parker won’t be in movie I think. Since Sony is making a Black Cat movie too, I’m going to guess Ghost Rider is in this Venom movie he has to be if Black Cat movie is following Venom movie and Sony owns Ghost Rider that means Mophisto in Hell is here in Venom too. So maybe Eddie Brock is wanting to bring her back. Maybe Eddie tries to make a deal to cure his cancer diseased body so he isn’t dying so Venom Symbiote doesn’t leave.



This could actually be really bad ass. Why? Because Marvel is making Avenger movies, and Spider Man is at Sony and won’t be in the Avengers for long haul. Seeing what characters Sony is branding as leads starting this, and knowing Venom, like I do, Flash Thompson was in last 3 Sony Spider Man movies sooooo ya I smell Anti Venom coming. Sony is maneuvering very intelligently to likely create move with the “Dark Avengers“ with Spider-Man, against Marvels own Avengers. Normon Osborne is alive in Sony’s Spider-Man still, not in Marvels, and the Green Goblin is the perfect villain for Venom ignoring Carnage. Considering Venom weakness is heat and sonic forces the GG uses both of these with pumpkin bombs and explosives, and his range is on par with Venoms tendrils, Venom can get as high as Goblins Glider, Goblin is long range and Venom is close, you can’t have the Dark Avengers without Norman Osborne, Venom and Wolverine, all are now fucking dead and killed off in Marvel Spider-Man/XMen movies. Wolverine isn’t a part of Marvel anymore, Hugh Jackman said he would have stayed as Wolverine if so, and he didn’t. Whats kind of crazy is Hugh Jackman picked Tom Hardy as the new Wolverine and now Tom Hardy is Venom. This is really cool,and really sad for Marvel if I’m right about leading to Dark Avengers.


Licensing Source Book Europe Leaks Crash Bandicoot Trilogy Switch Port [DETAILS]



DHX’s 2018 Spring Licensing Source Book Europe published an outline set forth by Activision pacing a 5 year development focus on the series carrying the IP to other consoles through the year 2022. See Below:



It might seem strange seeing Crash Bandicoot focusing on a rival of Sony platforms rather than continued effort on the platform in which it came since now porting over Nintendo Switch. It should be interpreted easily as the wisest target audience to penetrate with the series as the demographic seems more fitting and encourages greater revenue as result. Sony has never held any first party rights to the series itself despite how aggressive the mascot marketing appeared to consumers in past generations. While Insomniac developed Spyro, Naughty Dog developed Crash, and Universal Interactive Studios published both IP licensed at Sony. The IP became property of Vivendi following their purchase of UIS, and Activision has since acquired Vivendi and thus now controls where to focus the series moving forward.





REPORT: Retro Studios E32018 Horror Game Leaker Is Imposter [DETAILS]


Enthusiasts may remember user who leaked Mario Odyssey and various internal information 1 year ago and now seemingly this year upon it anniversary it would appear the account has returned to us with additional insight to Nintendo’s Entertainment Expo floor plans. Upon closer inspection evidence uncovers subtle clone in registration putting an end to this otherwise wishful prospect.















Webinars published by Atlassian/Salesforce, bring in familiar DICE Summit face from IBM, Airbnb, GE, LinkedIn and more from 15 speakers. 2018s Digital Systems education Summit patron subject to range of criteria it’s previewed you’ll learn how to assemble a design systems team and technology stack. How to identify and resolve design inconsistencies. Where design systems should be consistent or flexible and how to adapt tools and technology to balance both. How to avoid vague design principles. How to sustain consistency across products and interface targets (Android, iOS, VR, or even Natural Language interfaces). How to build a design systems backlog, governance model, and ROI tracking. How to unify design with code. How to close knowledge gaps between designers and developers. How to sell a design system to designers, engineers, and stakeholders.



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NEW: 2018’s Pokémon Company International Legendary Event Schedule [ALL DETAILS]


Greetings Trainers! Below is Pokemon Company International 2018 Official Monthly Schedule/Details concerning this years Legendary PKMN Event Free Giveaways.


As a thank you to all the Trainers out there who have been so committed and passionate about Pokémon over the years, we want to make 2018 a legendary year. We’re offering fans a chance to access these powerful Legendary Pokémon across the brand while celebrating their role in the franchise’s legacy.”

-J.C. Smith
Consumer Marketing
The Pokémon Company International.


February: Dialga and Palkia

March: Regigigas and Heatran

April: Raikou and Entei

May: Xerneas and Yveltal

June: Zygarde and Formes

July: Tornadus and Thundurus

August: Groudon and Kyogre

September: Latios and Latias

October: Reshiram and Zekrom

November: Ho-Oh and Lugia








Switch “PRO” Console & Pokemon Expected Holiday 2018

Walking girl

neon sign

Nintendo logo

Within 17 to 24 months of the original hardware release Nintendo enjoys pushing a new model SKU into the community. GBA 23 months. 3DS 17 months. DS 16 months. It makes sense to me when I propose ideas consumers will very much find the next Nintendo Switch hardware iterations on retail shelves by Holiday 2018.

The real question worth a fuck is the design and engineering aspects underway surrounding the technology at Nintendo. Will Nintendo repackage existing Switch integrated components within a comfortable and sexy new form factor? Would prematurely shelving new bundles so shortly after the core audience whom collectively world wide heavily invested (and with great success) in that which is currently made available upsetting to anyone currently spending Switch money? Knowing history could prove the aforementioned behavior above^ to undoubtedly disrupt the current momentum which Switch’s launch sku flavor maintains before us now among existing buyers. It could be interpreted negatively even if unjustly when gamers feel baited or tricked into large relinquished sums of money.


Though, Action in end will always feast on Beauty. The visual atmosphere and its changes surrounding all encompassing reception of product rarely bitter the taste of consumers mouths, in fact, because, in instance install base is divided amongst Sku since the capability and function of the first born remains unthreatened any manifested launching of a Switch “Pro” within initial fiscal year of original’s introduction wouldn’t necessarily be a force to the extent of a result ideally having gamers double dipping in their wallets. Feeling bitter sensations like that could be easily exasperated mucking up confidence in the company. Rather, moving ahead, regardless, it successfully casts a bigger net attracting new buyers expanding the audience. It is just that fact alone that weighs most heavy in determining proper course of action the industry questions us for. The same Switch essentials of its being, what it is, refaced but alas internal architecture not replaced has a rather probable chance of coming to fruition under the guise of new color themes and first party IP bundle. It’s these possible targeted consumers whom will be experiencing the true weight of their investment postponed if Nintendo launches new hardware differential to original without schematically evolving, unequivocally preceding the what is understood as “inevitable tech bump” that lies in wait.

Nintendo Switch

Perhaps, on contrary, Nintendo and next hardware will benefit more than design aesthetics, and sooner, if only to strengthen their grip and stance within the industry and opposing entertainment hardware themselves. Stepping up hardware promoted accordingly as a new Switch containing a array of all new constructed chipset bolstering a healthier tech spec…. Doing so would do well in giving the platform additional legs and penetration, (essentially the necessary makings) for a lengthier generation for those involved; and of course, simultaneously expanding the development community therein in its becoming additionally accessible to any of the potentially concerned softwares as moving forward with Switch in their visibility. But what if you could accomplish all that without dividing your install base, without alienating hardware, and without communicating a different message?

Gamer cave

If had to determine course of action top affiliates overseas in Kyoto would venture to execute through rookie interpretation, I would be inclined, to entertain the idea of Nintendo managing aggressively hitting this Holiday with fierce effort bringing smaller hardware at a cheaper cost, a portable only Switch version bundled alongside the 2nd most popular VG IP of all time and the pillar itself supporting handheld gaming: Pokemon. A portable only Switch wouldn’t disrupt or replace the original. When the overall concept of Switch is visualized the prowess of its ability to process information is already in my opinion comfortable enough where the unit itself shouldn’t be expected for any upgrades that increase the perceived graphics beyond any opportunity possible using external component upgrades as if within within the Switch docking system that would allow for greater experiences at home, and without alienating the purchased hardware acting as any form of replacement.

Nintendo Switch

The modularity of the Switch controller setup using the Joy Con allows for interesting new controller concepts that most certainly are positioned to be unleashed as a line of Switch product having only looking at patent filings and trademarks spread under Switch’s foundation of engineering. Additionally, improvements to the likes of Analog Triggers, or Directional Pads, there are all sorts of new interface and input layouts and mechanics that could be Switched in and out accordingly to the various presenting software together capturing gameplay. With future revisions evolving the Joy Con as making it a bigger weapon in the platforms survival, than anyone previously anticipated, I think is closer than public thinks it appears.

Nintendo Switch

NEW: Super “Puppet” Mario Coming To Nintendo Labo & Switch [RUMOR]

Nintendo puppets

During E3 2001 Nintendo accidentally published in an online release document the listing of 3 unknown and unannounced titles in development. Quickly after its debut in worldwide public visibility the viral Nintendo document’s source was promptly removed, but not a moment however before the curiosity of an industry had ignited.

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