NEW: Sony Marvel Universe VENOM 2018 First Official Footage [TEASER]


I thought Spider-Man went back to Marvel after Sony contract ended hence the name “Homecoming“, now Sony created their own “Marvel Universe“ not even associated at all with Marvel/Disney “Marvel Cinematic Universe” competing aggressive as fuck and making a Venom movie?! Wt fucking fuck. Starring Bane from DC Batman too? Damn. And they filming Black Cat movie? And Silver Sable Movie? This is fucking crazy. Spider-Man isnt apart of Marvel Cinematic Universe…. wtf. BS! Well, I thInk for sure Peter Parker won’t be in the film. Look at Tom Hardy playing Eddie Brock, old af, no way they are going to retreat the scene back to Midtown High School with Brock playing football like the last 3 Spider Man from Sony, or to college like the Marvel Spider-Man Topher Grace trilogy, this is much much further, I wouldn’t be surprised if Venom has left Midtown Manhattan altogether. I’m thinking this movie takes place after Peter Parker is married to Mary Watson when Eddie Brock became vigilante antihero but was separated from the Symbiote and imprisoned onRykers Island. and Venom came back for Eddie and got him out I think that’s exactly where this movie starts somewhere around there. That’s when Venom first makes Cletus Kasady into Carnage on the side, it’s smartest time to illustrate, that’s when Eddie Brock broken out jail, and his wife kills herself and he goes into that deep depression and gives up on vendetta again against Spider Man for her love, and that’s why Peter Parker won’t be in movie I think. Since Sony is making a Black Cat movie too, I’m going to guess Ghost Rider is in this Venom movie he has to be if Black Cat movie is following Venom movie and Sony owns Ghost Rider that means Mophisto in Hell is here in Venom too. So maybe Eddie Brock is wanting to bring her back. Maybe Eddie tries to make a deal to cure his cancer diseased body so he isn’t dying so Venom Symbiote doesn’t leave.



This could actually be really bad ass. Why? Because Marvel is making Avenger movies, and Spider Man is at Sony and won’t be in the Avengers for long haul. Seeing what characters Sony is branding as leads starting this, and knowing Venom, like I do, Flash Thompson was in last 3 Sony Spider Man movies sooooo ya I smell Anti Venom coming. Sony is maneuvering very intelligently to likely create move with the “Dark Avengers“ with Spider-Man, against Marvels own Avengers. Normon Osborne is alive in Sony’s Spider-Man still, not in Marvels, and the Green Goblin is the perfect villain for Venom ignoring Carnage. Considering Venom weakness is heat and sonic forces the GG uses both of these with pumpkin bombs and explosives, and his range is on par with Venoms tendrils, Venom can get as high as Goblins Glider, Goblin is long range and Venom is close, you can’t have the Dark Avengers without Norman Osborne, Venom and Wolverine, all are now fucking dead and killed off in Marvel Spider-Man/XMen movies. Wolverine isn’t a part of Marvel anymore, Hugh Jackman said he would have stayed as Wolverine if so, and he didn’t. Whats kind of crazy is Hugh Jackman picked Tom Hardy as the new Wolverine and now Tom Hardy is Venom. This is really cool,and really sad for Marvel if I’m right about leading to Dark Avengers.


NEW: 2018’s Pokémon Company International Legendary Event Schedule [ALL DETAILS]


Greetings Trainers! Below is Pokemon Company International 2018 Official Monthly Schedule/Details concerning this years Legendary PKMN Event Free Giveaways.


As a thank you to all the Trainers out there who have been so committed and passionate about Pokémon over the years, we want to make 2018 a legendary year. We’re offering fans a chance to access these powerful Legendary Pokémon across the brand while celebrating their role in the franchise’s legacy.”

-J.C. Smith
Consumer Marketing
The Pokémon Company International.


February: Dialga and Palkia

March: Regigigas and Heatran

April: Raikou and Entei

May: Xerneas and Yveltal

June: Zygarde and Formes

July: Tornadus and Thundurus

August: Groudon and Kyogre

September: Latios and Latias

October: Reshiram and Zekrom

November: Ho-Oh and Lugia