[NEW] “ML Image Identifier” App Released For FREE Today On iOS [DETAILS/FOOTAGE]

HullBreach Studios has published a new app on Apple stores today under the name “ML Image Identifier” (It shows as “ML Image ID” under the icon)! “ML” stands for Machine Learning and is compiled making use of ML Models, which is a reference to the structure of the “brain”. It’s a file format.. that defines the neurons and the weights of their connections, based on what they have “learned”.. from test data.




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[UPDATE] Diltendo Back Reporting For Duty After Unexpected Hiatus! [NEW DETAILS]

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Greetings Diltendo Community! We are sorry for the gap in publishing Industry coverage a spell of which lasting since this Spring due to series of unexpected events that led to a cease in efforts which unfortunately could not have been avoided. The girls are pleased to announce they have returned with the complications and outside underlying life issues resolved. Thank you for your patience and dedication, Diltendo’s home is very much up and running for first time this season with Twitter rapidly growing alongside! Please continue to follow us at home and on Twitter HERE

We Love You All! <3

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